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The Performance Paradigm Shift:
Elevating Your Health for Lasting Success

*For High Performers, Entrepreneurs & Executives*

Our program is a highly personalised 1-1 health coaching program designed to cater to your high-performance lifestyle.

We've helped 70+ High Performers and Entrepreneurs transform their lives, output and wellbeing

Our Clients Get Results 


Meet Kamil "The Ecom King"

He's a successful Entrepreneur in the E-commerce industry

🔥 Stable gut 

🔋 More energy 

💻 Improved work output 

💪🏼 Built a sustainable system for his health whilst managing his busineses

Meet Tarik 

He's a Global Director in the Cloud Industry

💪🏼 Lean physique 

🌞 Fitness is now a way of life

🙌🏽 Lost over 6kg in 12 weeks 

🥙 Improved sleeping habits to wake up with more energy in the morning

Meet Felipe 

He's the Founder & Managing Director of a Tech Recruitment Company

💪🏼 More muscle 

☑️ Found a stable workout routine

🙌🏽 Lost over 10kg in 16 weeks 

🔋 Energy thriving

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Meet Prithvi

He's a Senior CSM in Fintech

🔥 Improved physique

💻 Improved work output + focus

🔋 More energy throughout the day

💪🏼 Improved strength in many exercises throughout the gym

Meet Shamus 

He's a high-end graphic designer

💪🏼 More muscle 

🌞 Improved confidence

🧑🏼‍🎨 Increase in creative flow 

🥙 Streamlined his nutrition to spend more time working on what he loves

Meet Lonceny 

He's a University Lecturer in the UK

🔥 Boosted self-confidence 

💪🏼 Developed a sustainable workout routine

🧠 Improved mental wellbeing

🥙 Improved gut health

Why We Are Different

We Focus On Health Holistically Using 4 Core Pillars

1- Sleep Optimisation

Ensuring our clients get plenty of restorative deep/REM sleep regularly, so clients wake up feeling alert and energised throughout the day.

2 - Optimal Nutrition

Ensuring our clients are eating the correct foods to have consistent energy and focus throughout the day, whilst optimising growth factors for lean muscle tissue.

3 - Seamless Training

Ensuring our clients follow a structured training program to maximise metabolic processes, build lean muscle tissue, and improve cardiovascular health through progressive overload.

4 - Mind Management

Ensuring our clients have the tools required to manage their emotions and stress for optimal focus, wellbeing & performance.

How It Works

1 - Strategy Call 

Get on a call with Uyi to discuss your challenges, goals and set a road map for your health moving forward.

2 - Data Collection 

We will map your health journey on a 30-minute onboarding call.

This includes setting your health mission and goals, arranging health tests, setting up health tech wearables (e.g. Oura Ring, Whoop Band, Glucose Monitor), and thoroughly auditing your current nutrition, training, sleep, and lifestyle.

3 - Foundation 

We will provide you with access to our world-class health app, where we begin the setup process.

You will begin following your bespoke health program, track your daily performance habits, and feel results immediately. 

Laying the foundation of optimising your sleep, nutrition body and mind.

4 - Data Analysis + Optimisation 

We will then analyse the data from your health wearable, application, and any health tests and provide feedback.

You will then be able to make simple changes to your lifestyle to improve specific metrics, transforming your energy levels, focus and confidence. 

5 - Coaching & Accountability  

Your coach will check in with you via weekly calls and provide daily support for you via text. 

They will also adjust your program around your busy schedule to ensure you hit your goals wherever you are. 

6 - Monthly Reviews 

Every month, your coach will review your stress, energy, sleep, weight, body composition, mood, and progress toward your goal.

Our Amazing Client Results 

Meet Kamil. 

Also known as The Ecom King.

He's a 24-year-old 7-figure E-commerce Entrepreneur who struggled with low energy, anxiety, and excess body fat. 

We have helped him lose 8.3lbs while transforming his energy levels. 

Meet Tarik. 

He's a 43-year-old Global Director who wanted to learn more about holistic health and managing nutrition specific to his body.

We have helped him lose 13 lbs!

And develop a passion for health & fitness long term. 

Meet Lonceny. 

He's a busy 41-year-old University Lecturer who wanted to develop a sustainable health system around his schedule. 

We helped him to understand his body and how to manage mental and physical performance through health. 


Meet Jordan. 

He's a 28-year-old founder of high-end fashion brand Sole et. al who struggled to find time for fitness around running his companies. 

We have helped him develop a sustainable routine transforming his energy, focus and physique.


Meet Felipe. 

He's a busy 27-year-old Tech Recruitment Entrepreneur who wanted to start working out consistently and prioritise health.

We have helped him drop 22lbs, and add 5 lbs of muscle while skyrocketing his energy levels. 

Who This Is For

✅ Entrepreneurs, Executives & High Performers

This program is specifically for entrepreneurs, executives, and high performers who want to feel, look, and perform at their best on a busy schedule. 

✅ People ready to invest in their health 

This program is specifically for people who are ready to commit physically, mentally, and financially to transforming their life.

✅ Those willing to be coachable  

This program is specifically for people who are willing to be coached.

While our program optimises for the life of busy high performers, this isn't a magic pill. 

You must be willing to be coachable and take on feedback to master your performance and health.

Who This Is NOT For

❌ Those who are NOT High Performers

This program is specifically for entrepreneurs, executives, and high performers who want to feel, look, and perform at their best on a busy schedule. 

This program is not for people who are not the above.

❌ People who want a cheap way to transform their health 

This is a high-touch coaching program with guaranteed results and extreme accountability. 

If you're not willing to invest financially, this is not for you. 

❌ Those NOT ready to take action  

This program is specifically for people who are willing to take action.

If you are somebody who makes excuses and procrastinates, then this program is not for you. 

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